Who We are

The story of our charity program began with the three little girls of Gjokola family in Kuturman village, Librazhd district, and our charity activities continue to this day …..

A success story that created the first group of volunteers to care for children and families who live in extreme poverty conditions

Iridion Bahiti during the 2009-2018 in addition to volunteering in the youths and environmentals organizations, also conducted small charity activities for people in need in rural areas of Librazhd with his own contributions. In September 2018, he created the Together For Librazhdi charity program. A program aimed at assisting children and families in need, by improving their livelihoods and integrating in the society. And thanks to national and international partners (individuals, groups, businesses and foundations) we help more people nowadays.


to change people's lives

Where We Work

Our volunteer work is focused mostly on rural areas of the Librazhd district, a poor and a deep mountain area that has the largest number of villages in Albania compared to the number of its own population.

What We Do

We travel through rural areas of Librazhd district to identify children and families in need. As we become familiar with their situations, we work out to provide solutions for them.

How We Help

Through generous contributions of the peoples with big hearts, partnerships and projects applied to various governmental and non-governmental organizations or institutions.


every little bit helps

Charity Programs

Seed Aid program: “Provides food aid by distributing vegetable and fruit seeds”

Food Aid program: “Food winter program”

School Aid program: “Autumn program to prevent and fight the illiteracy”

Gift for Kids: “Christmas and New Year presents program”

Sport Aid: “Sport program in community schools”


Ann Norris

Sheffield, UK

To all my UK contacts, this is Redi (Iridion Bahiti) my friend in Librazhd for whom i have a great respect – he is working to give poverty stricken families some help. You can see from the video the condition these families live in. I believe that education enables people to develop their communities. Giving the children the chance to go to school with the correct books gives them the chance to better their lives in the future. If you feel you can make a small donation, I can assure you that the money will be spent properly on the poor families in the villages around Librazhd, my home town in Albania.

Mimoza Bicaku

London, UK

Together4Librazhdi is an amazing charity program founded by Redi (Iridion Bahiti). He is working with great passion and dedication to provide some relief to poor families in Librazhd, Albania. In the charity’s website you can see video and pictures of the conditions these families live in. I had the privilege to work with Redi on a small project in November 2019, where we gathered Christmas gifts here in London for the children of those families. Redi was professional and trustworthy during the project’s phases and did an amazing job by ensuring that each gift went for every child in need.