10 members of the Shmili’s family part of the Egyptian community, live as hommeless and in total misery in the village of Neshtë of Librazhd Municipality.

Families of two brothers Shmili consisting of 10 members of which 5 are young children aged 1 to 13, live in the village of Neshtë of the Municipality of Librazhd, in an old and amortized house under extreme poverty conditions. The family of Fatos, one of the Shmili brothers, has been accommodated for 3 years in a camping tent made possible by the Civil Emergency Office of the Municipality of Librazhd, as the room where they lived became uninhabitable as a result of the potential risk of collapse of the house. Both Shmili brothers, along with their mother, spouses and children, appeal for help because their home is uninhabitable due to soil erosion.