Our program help children and families in need in area of Librazhd  (1 city and 52 villages with a total area of ​​793.36 km²), wich has the highest poverty rate among the other ares of Albania.

Librazhd is located in center east of Albania and has a population of 43732 habitants or 13653 families. Being a completely mountainous area, 75% of the population lives in rural areas and 25% in urban area.

3030 families are part of the Economic Aid Scheme, where families live with less then 2 USD për day. According to Economic Aid Office of Librazhd municipality these families part of the Economic Aid Scheme are classified in three levels: 1- Poor families (2000), 2- Very poor families (750) and 3- Families that live in extremy poverty (280).

The city of Librazhd does not offer much for them, which has a poor industry and the economy is generated by low employment in state institutions and self-employement in some small businesses. The residents of rural communities mainly deal with livestock and agriculture to make their living.

In the recent year the number of homeless families is rising. 8 families live in a camping tent provided by Civil Emergency Office (CEO). According to CEO there are more then 400 homes uninhabitable in Librazhd’s villages. Some of these homeless families have received provisional rent assistance by the Librazhd municipality, while others have emigrated for economic asylum to European countries but without any success because their residence’s rights are denied by the emigration government authorities.

Young people are the ones who suffer the most the unemployment. In poor conditions their migration to European countries is massive, with girls falling prey to the mafia’s prostitution network, while men in drug’s cultivation industry. The latter also comes from the lack of education in childhood. According to Education Office the number of children that have the lack of education is rising. In school academic year 2018 – 2019 there was 100 children that left school or barely attended 80% of the 9-year education classes.

Part of the Librazhd’s society are also 258 families of Egyptian community. They also live in poor conditions and suffer the lack of food too. Without mentioned the inability of their 287 children’s education and medical care.

According to population, Librazhd has highest number of people that suffer from the health care. 500 children are suffering from the medical care due to bad financial situation of their families, 1047 is the number of people with disabilities of these 321 are children with disabilities,  86 people are tetraplegic and 193 are blind.

Third age also requires immediate care. There is not a social center or nursing asylym in the city that cares for them, even the municipality of Librazhd doesn’t allocates funds to help them because of its small annual budget. The homeless rate among them is rising, because of abandonment or the loss of their relatives.